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About Us

Crystal Technologies

Crystal is a tech-based company majoring in striving in technologies with great and complete change to create and sharpen high-qualified commodities as well as make client experience more incredibly profitable. There are four outstanding features that our company provides so as to make the payment methods more and more convenient.

Web Design
Incredibly optimal designed website.

App Development
Suitable for customer’s relevant requests.

Digital Wallet
A safe confidential E-wallet as clients’ requirements.

Payment Network
Contribute to e-money transactions efficiently.

Why Choose Us

Dominant Features

Crystal is the global leader in technology and we shall give advice whenever customers need.

Content marketing services

Content is Crystal’s strength with professional writers and editors. Indeed, we’ll make it easy for customers to create high-quality content on time efficiently as well as to value for your finance.

High compatibility

More than half of worldwide online activities comes from the usage of portable devices. Each website that we design shall enable you to access and function perfectly on any screen size.

24/7 assistance

Our experienced support team is always available. Thus, in this way, the response time between the client and our prepared members is efficiently achieved to fit your needs immediately.

Business Models

What We Work

Crystal specializes in technology playing an important role in providing a variety of online technical services and striving to obtain customers’ demands.

Web Design

We hire talented experienced developers with great skillfulness and perseverance in online technological who can provide customers with an incredibly optimal designed website.

App Development

Our dominant professional team are strongly capable of giving clients access to a full range of Android/IOS app progress services that are suitable for customer’s relevant requests.

Digital Wallet

Our team consists of accomplished developers who have the ability to create outstanding solutions for online payment so as to guarantee a safe confidential E-wallet as clients’ requirements.

Payment Network

We have deep knowledge and experience as well as expertise to bring you qualified confidential exchange system in order to contribute to e-money transactions efficiently.


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New projects are always our interest.
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